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Winning the War on Cancer

Sylvie Beljanski joins us today, the author of Winning the War on Cancer, and in our interview, we talk about fighting cancer with natural compounds. We also discuss why we’re falling behind in some cancer treatments and why the natural approach is not more...

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What to do about PAIN!

In today’s interview, we talk about PAIN! From where pain comes from, to how does pain work, we cover the bases. Most important, we talk about good pain vs bad pain, how much is too much pain, the harmful effects of pain, and what to do about it. Alex Vidan has...

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Fabric That Heals

My guest today is Kat Chrysostom, the founder and owner of Benefab® by Sore No-More®. Her mission is to take great ideas and create products that make a difference in the lives and health of both horses and people. Kat loves riding horses, but in 2011 suffered a...

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Running Tips from an Expert

Dr. Jason Karp is a running and fitness expert, exercise physiologist, and creator of revo2lutionary running. He is also a speaker and bestselling author of books including “Run your fat off,” “Exercising as a Busy Mom,” and “Running a...

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