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Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Solutions

Kristin Kirkpatrick is the Lead dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute. She is a best-selling author and an award winning Dietitian. Kristin has been seen on shows such as the TODAY show, NBC Nightly News and the Dr. Oz show. She has contributed to...

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Natural Cold and Flu remedies and more!

My guest today is a chiropractor and functional nutrition specialist who is paving the way for lifestyle medicine in working to overcome many ailments by getting to the root cause. Dr. Patrick Garrett has extensive study in the natural medicine field and hosts live...

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Shamrock Shake Recipe

My sister-in-law asked me what my favorite green smoothie recipe was, and with no hesitation, I answered, “Shamrock Shakes!” Okay, so it may not be St. Patrick’s Day, and there’s no ice cream so these aren’t technically shakes, but my...

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