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Sleep Tips from the Body Wise Doctor

Dr. Rachel Abrams, MD is a TedX speaker who is spreading the idea of becoming BodyWise, and she practices what she preaches. In her integrative Health clinic in Santa Cruz, California, Dr. Rachel meets with her clients and listens one on one with them to craft a...

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Why do men need doctors?

Dr. Myles Spar is board-certified in Internal Medicine and graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School in 1993. He did a fellowship in Health Services Research and Masters in Public Health at UCLA. He then completed his fellowship in Integrative Medicine...

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How Healing Works

My guest today Dr. Wayne Jonas, M.D. has over 40 years of experience in research and patient care and explains how 80 percent of healing occurs organically. In his new book, How Healing Works, Dr. Joans writes about how to activate the healing process. I really...

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