After twelve years of professional football, Dr. DeWitt has seen (and experienced) the devastating effects of TBI and concussions. His grandfather died from advanced dementia at 72 and his father is starting to show early signs of it as well. Ever since the movie, Concussion, came out… he’s made it his mission to NOT end up like his grandfather. Once he retired from football he got his Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as certifications in Advanced Sports Nutrition and Concussion Assessment.

In his Concussion Class he teaches the 3 Risk Factors that increase Your
Risk of Concussion!
Learn what pre-existing conditions, family history etc. can actually increase your risk of being concussed.
The CDC approved, 6 Step Protocol for assessing concussions.
Understand what you or your child are going through and what they can expect. Coaches and Staff pay close attention!
Brain Specific Nutrients that can add an extra layer of protection
Over 100 research studies show that these specific nutrients can help prevent and even REVERSE symptoms of concussions.

You can find out more about his classes and sign up for one of the free online seminars at

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