Dr. Paul Wand, MD has over 36 years of clinical and research experience in integrative neurology, incorporating the best of both worlds. In our interview, Dr. Wand discusses how he uses the general principles of alternative medicine to treat the brain. He believes that most doctors don’t understand how to properly diagnose a concussion and that there is not a standard treatment for the most common standard concussion.

400-600,000 people a year suffer concussions and do not recover from their symptoms which leads to more problems, and those are the people Dr. Wand wants to help. Dr. Wand believes that for a proper diagnosis of concussion, you need both a QEEG and a SPEC scan. He discusses why this is not done regularly and why it is so important. You can learn more about his work and his upcoming book “The Concussion Cure,” at http://www.brainhealingcenter.com

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